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Understanding how it works

DDNS Updater runs as a Windows service. Changing the configuration restarts the service (including resetting any timers). Beginning with version 0.1.3, DDNS Updater starts in 'warm-up mode' where the check interval is reduced to a few seconds until there is a valid response. This is because Windows may not have an IP address assigned at the time DDNS Updater starts and it may be undesirable to wait the full check interval (e.g. 10 minutes) if an initial failure occurs for that reason. Once the external IP has been successfully detected, the service reverts to the regular check interval.

DDNS Updater has a built-in list of check URLs. Because these URLs may stop working without warning, DDNS Updater cycles through until it finds a live one. This improves robustness but can make the initial DDNS update slower if the buit-in list contains several bad URLs. Configuring a specific check URL disables the buit-in list. Creating your own private check URL on a web hosting provider is easy, e.g. in PHP:

<?php if(isset($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])) { echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; } ?>


You may email us at ddnsupdater [ at ] videocoding.org with questions or feedback. We do not offer telephone support. As DDNS Updater is free software, it comes with no technical support guarantee or SLA.


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